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GMP Foods  & Spices Sdn Bhd

Hi there! We are GMP Foods & Spices Sdn Bhd, spices supply and manufacturer in Malaysia

We Specialize In Black and White Pepper -But We Do Other Spices Too.

Pioneers of Herbs & Spices

Our mission is to manufacture high quality herbs and spices. Our objective is to create healthy, flavorful food which can be incorporated into our daily lives.


We go extra miles to provide the best possible experience to our clients.


We use the highest quality standards to seek excellence, innovation and excellence in product 


We do high effecient production with low cost


Who We Are?

(formerly known as GMP Food Industries Sdn Bhd) is a Malaysia based company. Established in 2005, our company specialises in the exportation and importation of black and white pepper.

However, since then, we have recognised the promising opportunities of other herbs and spices markets, thus being pioneers in herbs and spices exports from Malaysia.


Our Strategic Customers

Our Products

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